My Pages

My Pages is a specific user portal for the NODA Building product, which helps property owners save energy and costs, achieve a more consistent indoor temperature, and enable the monitoring of the property's heat usage and indoor comfort over time.

The service is a cloud-based software that relies on data collection from the property and its substation to NODA's server. NODA uses the data to control heating more efficiently and to visualise the property's heat usage. Energy savings from the service are achieved by adjusting the heating of the radiator circuit inside the building to the actual needs of the property instead of just the outdoor temperature (the latter is the typical way to control heating in properties).

The system learns how the property uses energy by using room sensors for indoor temperature. By setting an indoor target temperature for the property, the service can control the heating towards this, thus avoiding unnecessary heating and maintaining a steady indoor temperature. The system also relies on weather forecasts to adjust the energy use to what is needed.

The user portal provides information based on the data collected from connected properties. It allows for monitoring indoor temperatures, viewing how much the service controls to optimise heating, observing energy use, and energy savings.