Setup of Modbus Gateway Addon

Once powered on, the Addon will either request an IP address via DHCP or use the static IP configured via the user-interface.

When connected to a NODA Modbus Gateway, the Addon device will be assigned the IP

Access the user-interface by entering the following in a web-browser;

It's is highly recommended to access this page in "incognito" or "private window" to avoid issues with password caching.


The username is admin.

The password is unique for each device and can be requested from NODA.


The following parameters can be changed.


  • MAC address: The MAC address can be changed here if required.
  • Static IP: Assigning a static IP will disable DHCP. An empty field will active DHCP.
  • Static DNS: Required if static IP is used.
  • Static subnet: Required if static IP is used. On the form

RS485 (for Modbus RTU)

  • Baudrate: The speed over the RS-485 network. All devices must use the same speed.
  • Mode: e.g. 8N1 or 7E1 etc.


  • ClientID: Identifier used when connecting to an MQTT broker.
  • Host: The IP of the MQTT broker.
  • Port: The TCP port of the MQTT broker.
  • Username: Optional username used to connect to the MQTT broker.
  • Password: Optional password used to connect to the MQTT broker.


  • Communication timeout: The number of seconds without any data over MQTT, after which the device switches to failover state.
  • On communication error: A list of instruction to execute when switching to a failover state. These instructions are used to clear any offset and return the energy controller to a clean-state.


  • WebUI Password: Used to change the password of the Web-UI.