Compatibility requirements

For a list of known compatible devices, take a look at Manufacturer templates.

General requirements

A typical installation requires the ability to READ the following tags/values;

  • Outdoor temperature
  • Primary side flow (supply) temperature
  • Primary side return temperature
  • Primary side flow (supply) volume
  • Primary side volume
  • Primary side heat energy
  • Primary side heat power
  • Secondary side #1 flow temperature
  • Secondary side #1 return temperature
  • Current secondary side supply temperature

NOTE: If additional secondary side loops exist, they can also be included.

Along with the ability to WRITE the following tags/values;

  • Secondary side supply temperature offset


  • Forced secondary side supply temperature

Whichever depends on the limitations of the Modbus slave and the control system behind it.

NOTE: Specific use cases may require situation-specific solutions. In such a case, don't hesitate to get in touch with NODA for further support.