A collector is a node representing something which communicates data points with NODA, for example, a district heating substation in a multi-dwelling building, a sensor in an office, or something else. Several properties declare a collector:

  • Name: Free text.

  • Description: Free text.

  • Device (see Device above): a collector is a device.

  • Object representation: A label that describes what the collector represents, e.g., Residential building, Indoor climate sensor, Heating circuit, Network station, etc.

  • Tags: The collector has access to the Device's tags, and it is possible to choose which tags should be activated on the collector.

  • Identifiers created by the system:

    • Local identifier: A node ID, which is a serial number for the collector on the customer domain.

    • Global unique identifier: A UUID, which can be used to identify the collector via communication between different systems.

  • Data interface identifier: This is an ID the user can set themselves and is used for matching when an ID comes from an external system. It is thus an ID that an external system has set, for example, a serial number on a sensor or a MAC address.