I/O board

I/O board

#Left side#Right side
1.KOMM2 expansion port7.Debug port
2.Status LEDs8.Reset button
3.SNAP module port9.Docking port for CPU board
4.Failover relays10.Programming header
5.RS232 port11.High/Low/RTD/VDC headers
6.1-Wire port12.Shunt port (P14)
13.Barrel jack
14.Output to the Controller
15.Input from outdoor temperature sensor

Status LEDs on the I/O board

There are 6 separate LED:s to the left of the KOMM2 expansion port. They are marked (from right to left), D13, D14, D5, D6, D7 and D12.

D13Wired to expansion module on U7
D14Wired to expansion module on U7
D5Debug function from ARM CPU board
D6Debug function from ARM CPU board
D7Debug functuon from ARM CPU board
D12Heartbeat from the I/O board microcontroller. Off for 10 seconds, On for 10 seconds. In Off state when board is power on.

ARM CPU board

ARM CPU board

  1. Communication pins.
  2. Micro SD card.
  3. Power LED (green) and Status LED (red).
  4. Ethernet port.

When the Power LED lights up, the CPU board has power. During start-up, the Status LED will briefly (for a few seconds) light up.

If the Status LED is continuously lit for more than 30 seconds, then an unknown fault has occurred.

The ethernet ports leftmost LED (green) lights up only if the board has detected a 100MBit/s link. A limited 10Mbit/s link does not light the LED. The rightmost (orange) LED blinks when there is network traffic over the port.

KOMM2 add-on board (optional)

KOMM2 board

  1. 20-pin ribbon cable. Connects to P1 on the I/O board.
  2. GPRS modem connector (optional).
  3. M-Bus port.


Power adaptor, 100-240V AC 50/60Hz to 5V DC, 3A

  • Max cable length: 1.5m
  • Center Pin positive
  • Inner barrel diameter; 2.1mm
  • Outer barrel diameter; 5.5mm
  • Barrel length; 12mm

IEC PSU barrel polarity