Infrastructure introduction

The infrastructure required to run the NODA system is reasonably complex. It is no surprise that a complex system carries an inherently higher risk of exposure to attacks.

At the forefront of every design decision, NODA strives to mitigate the risk of such attacks.

Reliable, secure and encrypted communication channels are vital to achieving a secure environment.

But it's not the only item of importance.

Who has access, when they have access and why they have access are just as essential to prevent intrusion.

Devices in the field must never expose any ports to the internet. Instead, NODA solves the two-way communication by establishing a secure communication channel over MQTT to a managed service where each device has its own access rules.

Suppose the private certificate on a device, for whatever reason, is highjacked. Then, the device can easily be black-listed, and the certificate revoked to prevent further access.