Mobile router introduction

Communication with equipment in the field can be solved using various solutions. Choosing one of these solutions always boils down to weighing functionality vs cost.

Using a customer's existing infrastructure to communicate with the internet is always a problem. Especially so, if the customer is unfamiliar with their own infrastructure.

As a result, NODA decided to go with a mobile router solution. A device which, on its own, connects to the internet via the 4G or 5G mobile network. Then, this mobile router connects to the energy controller (A regulator or similar device) via Modbus over either TCP or RTU.

All of this is secured by exchanging data over an encrypted MQTT connection.

NODA requires this level of interaction with the energy controller to get all required measurement values, along with the ability to modify control parameters. This way, the controller can go about its business doing what it's good at, controlling. Whilst being nudged in the right direction by the analytic processes provided by NODA.