NOTE: This list contains verified controllers. New controllers are added continuously and most Modbus controllers are compatible.

Please contact NODA if have any questions or if your controller is not listed.

Each energy controller is often unique in its particular, unique way. Still, manufacturers often retain the same patterns and layout throughout their offerings.

This section provides a verified list of required Modbus values in a controller to allow full functionality of the NODA Modbus Gateway.

Each template contains a details explanation of how to handle that specific controller.

Supported manufacturers

Select a manufacturer to get a list of supported controllers and mapping.

Controllers from other manufacturers

Any controller capable of acting as a Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU slave/server can likely be handled by our Modbus Gateway.

Any integration outside of what we support requires work and knowledge of the controller. Something we can't manage for all available controllers on the market.

Please read the Compatibility section for more details on determining the possibility of support for your specific controller.

If you have additional questions, please contact NODA.