• The NODA "Cloud" is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the eu-north-1 region.

  • NODA uses DigitalOcean and Vultr for development and testing.

  • NODA uses Google Workspace.

  • NODA relies on FOSS (Free and Open Source) projects as part of the platform.

  • The platform is written in house, and is of our own design.

Work environment

  • NODA allows its employees to work from home.

  • Employees use Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and macOS in their workstations/laptops.


Software release process

We follow a specific release process to ensure smooth software deployment. This process guides us through code commit, testing, deployment, and possible rollback, maintaining reliability and consistency.

graph TD;
    Start([Start]) --> A[Code Commit]
    A --> B{Run Unit Tests};
    B -->|Pass| C[Tag Release];
    B -->|Fail| D[Fix Code];
    D --> A;
    C --> E[Manual Building\nof Container];
    E --> F{Deploy to\nKubernetes};
    F -->|Success| G([Success]);
    F -->|Fail| H[Revert to Previous\nVersion];
    H --> D;

Open Source software licenses

NODA uses FOSS software with the following licenses;

3rd-party solutions

  • The operating system in the Teltonika router is based on a Teltonika modified version of OpenWRT.